River Activities

Whether you’re after white knuckle whitewater or calm-water cruising, Moab offers plenty of places to get your feet wet and escape the heat. Here’s what you need to know.

Colorado River Sections

While our area is known for its family-oriented raft trip on the Fisher Towers section of the Colorado River (The Moab Daily), people also enjoy canoes, kayaks and paddle boards to explore the calm water segments of the Colorado. Enjoy a guided trip with one of Moab’s many professional river outfitters or try it on your own with rental equipment from a local company. Please help preserve these beautiful river spots so that everyone will be able to enjoy the primitive character for years to come.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)

Personal Flotation Devices are made for humans and dogs. It is required by law that humans wear these at all times on board the watercraft and during transitions at the water’s edge.

  • All garbage, ash, charcoal, and trash must be carried out on all portions of the rivers. Even small scraps of food left behind will attract ants, flies and mice.

  • Gather only driftwood for campfires. Be aware of fire restrictions. All fires must be contained in a fire pan. Ash and charcoal packed out.

  • Urinate directly into the river.

  • Dispose of human waste in approved facilities.

River Use Ethics
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