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*Sustainable Canyoneering*

Our commitment is to respect our beautiful yet fragile environment. We strongly believe that everyone, including us, can be a powerful force in creating a sustainable future. 

We like that you love it here, but love it like you live here. 


Buy Eco-Friendly climbing gear

Resist the temptation to buy unnecessary gear. Invest in high-quality products in the first place. 


Buy less

Commit to high-quality gear, and it will pay you back in multitudes.

And of course, when you’ve damaged or exhausted items, repair or recycle them whenever possible.

Don’t mess with the route

Check with local managers before placing any bolts, and avoid areas on the rock surface that require lots of cleaning. Don’t try to force a new route.

noun_Rock Climbing_3592614.png

BLM recommendation 

The Bureau of Land Management recommends not utilizing the Granary Canyon route from April through August due to Big Horn Sheep in the area. (All commercial permits are restricted from utilizing this route from April through the end of August to allow wildlife room to roam.)


Respect your neighbors

Don’t disturb the homes of animals that nest in the cliff face. Also, please respect your fellow climbers by choosing less popular times to climb, reducing noise while waiting to climb, and stepping back to give other climbers the space they need.

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