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horse back riding


*Sustainable Riders*

Our commitment is to respect our beautiful yet fragile environment. We strongly believe that everyone, including us, can be a powerful force in creating a sustainable future. 

We like that you love it here, but love it like you live here. 


BLM recommendations

  • Equestrians are required to feed weed-free hay to pack and saddle stock while using BLM land. Although horses are not restricted to designated roads and trails, resource damage is lessened when all riders stay on the same route.

  • Pack and saddle stock are allowed at any BLM campground (BLM requests that you pick up the waste as a courtesy to other users). However, certain campgrounds are more suitable for pack and saddle stock trailers. These are Goose Island, Ken’s Lake, Courthouse Wash and Hittle Bottom Campgrounds.


Forest Service Lands recommendations

  • Know your stock.

  • Take supplemental and weed-seed-free feed.

  • Use nosebags and managers when feeding your horse stock hay, pellets, or grain.

  • Stay on the trails and avoid shortcuts.

  • Be courteous and yield to others when you can.

  • Travel in small groups.

  • Use highlights and tree saver straps. Do not tie directly to the tree.

  • Keep stock at least 200 feet from shorelines and streams.

  • Break up and scatter horse manure and fill in pawed holes.

  • All trails open to horse use.

  • Do not camp at trailheads.

  • Camping with pack and saddle stock is not permitted in developed campgrounds.


Stay on the trail

Forests and nature trails always provide riders with a map, and it’s for a good reason. The map seeks to guide the rider on the approved roads as off-trail adventure leaves behind a mess of erosion and damage to the vegetation.

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