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*Dino Track & Rock Art  Etiquette*

Our commitment is to respect our beautiful yet fragile environment. We strongly believe that everyone, including us, can be a powerful force in creating a sustainable future. 

We like that you love it here, but love it like you live here. 


 Don’t touch

noun_Do Not Touch_170718.png

The oils in your skin may cause damage to rock art. Don’t apply any substance to the rock art surface, including water or any other fluids. Don’t trace images with sticks, stones, chalk, or other substances.

noun_rock paint_1968516.png

Respect the rocks

While it’s tempting to get up-close and personal with Moab’s dinosaur tracks, rock art, and other historical wonders, doing so can cause irreversible damage to sites that can never be replicated.


Don’t collect artifacts or features at a rock art site

It is acceptable to pick up surface artifacts, examine and enjoy them, or make sketches or take photos of them, as long as they’re returned to the place where found, and no damage is done to the artifact.


Don't paint in the public lands

Graffiti, which has become a serious problem across public lands, is socially unacceptable and illegal.

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