OHV one of the most popular activities in Moab!

One of the most popular activities in Moab is driving around OHV’s, or Off Highway Vehicles. These Off Highway Vehicles do need to be associated with a permit. Any OHV being operated or transported on public lands, roads, or trails, of the State of Utah must display a current OHV registration sticker. All OHV registrations are handled by the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles. OHV’s coming in from out of state must obtain a non-residential permit. These can be purchased at the Utah State Parks Website or at the Moab Visitors Center. As long as the vehicle is street legal, you are able to drive the OHV to the trailhead. Street legal has many required elements, some of them being proper seat belts, windshields or eye protection, rear view mirrors on both sides of the driver, proper lights, and a horn. Please see Utah code 41-6a-1509 for other distinctions between different types of OHV’s.

On the trails, it is required that OHV’s are not to exceed 15 mph, and ALL DRIVERS must stay on the trails. While driving on roads in town, it is required that OHV’s follow the laws that any other driver in any other vehicle abides by. Going on a guided trip with OHV’s is always recommended! Guided tours are a great time for many reasons, including the fact that you do not have to haul your OHV all the way to Moab! Guides will also know some of the best routes and some very interesting facts about the trails and the surrounding Moab area. One of the most famous OHV guided tour trails is at Hell’s Revenge in Sand Flats Recreation Area. No prior OHV driving experience is necessary, and you are able to have a blast driving the trail all by yourself!

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