Motorized Vehicles

From dirt-road cruises to winch-mandatory rock crawls, Moab is an off-highway enthusiast’s paradise. Get the scoop on where and how to enjoy the local routes and open areas.

Moab has numerous trails suitable for use by an off-highway vehicle (OHV). Much of the public land surrounding the national parks is open to OHV travel on designated trails. However, please note that ATV & UTV riding is not allowed within either Arches or Canyonlands National Parks. ATV and UTV enthusiasts can use most of the popular Moab 4WD Trails or explore many of the other backcountry trails that surround Moab.

A good tour for families: 

You can’t go wrong with Hells Revenge or Monitor-Merrimack. They both have the 2-4hr options and the schedule is flexible to the needs of each group.


More challenging trails: 

Moab has a huge variety of trails that are incredibly difficult. Some start off pretty mediocre but end up at obstacles that can be impassible if you are not using advanced techniques/equipment. Often, trails can be deceptive and leave you stranded, these trails can be easy enough to get into but very difficult to get out of. If you’re bringing your own vehicle and want to avoid potentially dangerous scenarios then go with a guide whom you can follow.


Best trails for winter and summer:

All of the trails are usually fine for the summer but for winter it really depends on ice and snow compaction on the trail, there are a lot of very steep and long slopes on most trails. Monitor-Merrimack and the surrounding areas have some easygoing trail options but I’d play it safe and watch for the combination of ice and slopes.


Why go with a guide?:

Safety is number one! People tend to have the time of their life up to the point where they realize they are in trouble. Sometimes it’s a slow realization and there might be time to figure it out, other times it is momentarily realized when it’s too late!

The realization of danger at some point can be academic in spite of having the rest of the day to figure it out. Many people have put themselves in a situation where exposure killed them in a period of less than 24hrs, make no mistake, they knew it. Most guides have at the very least a secondary plan of getting everyone out in a safe and timely manner should the trip take an unexpected turn. 


Be courteous and respectful both on and off the trail! If your riding in a large group  don't monopolize an obstacle, other trail goers are not as interested in watching you as you might think. Let the individual pass so they can keep enjoying the trail, this also reduces trail congestion for you and the riders behind you!

If possible avoid riding your trail machine downtown. While it is legal to do so, the day is approaching when OHV traffic will become overwhelming.  If you do ride in town remember to slow down, obey the speed limit, people are walking, Moab’s downtown area is small, so take the healthy option and walk Main Street, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

- Mike - 


Street-Legal UTV/ATV Requirements

We want you to have a fun, safe, and enjoyable time while visiting Moab. Street-legal equipment requirements largely parallel the safety equipment you expect to find on a traditional motor vehicle. However, please note that if a vehicle is street legal in your home state it may not necessarily be street legal in Utah. Street legal UTVs and ATVs are not allowed on interstate highways. Carefully examine the requirements below:

UTVs and ATVs are allowed to be operated on paved roads, streets, and highways (not interstate highways) in the Moab area when the vehicles are:

  • Properly registered as street-legal.

  • Properly insured for highway use.

  • Properly registered as street-legal and comply with all of the UTAH street-legal equipment requirements shown above.

  • If your UTV/ATV does not meet these requirements it must be transported to and from the trailhead.


Sharing is Caring

On your ride, there’s a chance you’ll encounter full-size vehicles, motorcycles, mountain bikers, dog walkers, horseback riders, and more. Make sure to keep your speed manageable and minimize dust so other trail users can enjoy Moab’s epic views.

- Mike - 


Riding in Town

Utah is unique in that you can drive street legal ATVs and UTVs through town and directly to trailheads. To preserve this privilege it is vital to be respectful of local residents by observing local speed limit and traffic laws. To prevent excessive noise always remember to throttle down your vehicle and drive slowly through residential neighborhoods.

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