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Moab Mountain Biking

Riders from around the world flock to Moab to test and progress their skills. Get prepared with the knowledge you need to maximize your fun and minimize your impact.


Welcome to the home of the greatest mountain biking on the planet. Moab offers a huge variety of trails for mountain bikers of any experience level, from beginners looking for a scenic ride through beautiful canyons and mesa tops, to seasoned bikers looking for the ultimate challenge.

Moab is well known for the world famous, and highly technical, Slickrock Bike Trail. This challenging 9.6 mile trail is considered by many to be the ultimate mountain biking experience. Moab, however, also contains an assortment of easy and extremely scenic biking trails. The Bar-M Loop Trail, for example, provides a great introduction to the varied terrain and beautiful scenery adjacent to Arches National Park. Look around this page and create your own mountain biking adventure!

Mountain Bike Trail Systems
Grand County Trail Mix & Moab Trails Alliance

The Grand County Trail Mix crew, in cooperation with land management agencies, builds and maintains the non-motorized trails in the Moab area. All of the mountain bike trails are signed at most intersections with color-coded maps indicating trail difficulty. Individual trail area maps may be purchased at the local bike shops, with funding going to trail maintenance. Be aware that the trail difficulty for a given rating may be higher in Moab than in places where the topography is more flat and less rocky. Moab Trails Alliance works with Trail Mix in fundraising efforts and promotes responsible ridership to protect and enjoy our public lands.

Klondike Bluff Trail System

Within the 57 miles of mountain bike trails, riding opportunities run the gamut from fun beginner (Jurassic), to flowy intermediate (Dino-Flow), to upper intermediate, and there is even some expert level challenge (EKG, Alaska, Nome). Ride to the top of the Morrison uplift for amazing views of Salt Valley, Arches National Park and Klondike Bluff. Dinosaur track sets are visible along the Klondike Bluff Trail and via the Dinosaur Stomping Ground Hiking Trail. There is a good mix of dirt singletrack and slickrock. Trailheads are at the north and south end of the system. Travel to the trailheads normally can be accomplished with a passenger car but when wet, the clay roads are difficult/impassable.

KlonZo Trail System 

This mountain bike trail system includes 24 miles of trails. The riding is mostly smooth dirt single track that is intermediate, but also offers some slickrock. Notable at this system is the Carousel Loop area designed specifically for active kids. The climbing at Klonzo is quite moderate. For more advanced riders the north end of the system offers great fun and challenge on Wahoo and Gravitron. This area has enough variety to be fun for the whole family. There are several trailheads located along the Willow Springs Road. Driving to the area involves crossing a large sandy wash where high clearance vehicles may be needed, with 4-wheel drive being the best.

Moab Brands Trail System

This area provides 32 miles of mountain bike riding only 7 miles from Moab. Challenge levels vary from very easy beginner single track (Rusty Spur) up to expert (Deadman’s Ridge, Long Branch, and Killer Bee) with everything in between. Most of the trails are dirt singletrack and two-track with intermittent rock, but the east side of the system has 5 miles of intermediate slickrock (Circle O and Rockin’ A). Access is easy with a passenger car or by biking up the paved path trail from the Transite Hub at the intersection of US Highway 191 and SR 128. There is ample parking at the trailhead. On rainy days the red dirt trails do become quite muddy. Riding when wet damages trails.

Bring Plenty of Water
It’s easy to rack up the miles in Moab, and many riding areas have little to no shade available. The dry desert heat can cause dehydration faster than you think-make sure you’re prepared with at least one gallon of water per person, per day.

Local TIP

Magnificent 7 Trail System 

Mountain biking the visually magnificent Gemini Bridges area involves fun intermediate (Getaway) or upper intermediate singletrack (Bull Run) with a little bit of expert thrown in. Create your own “figure 8” ride by combining Great Escape, Arth’s Corner and Little Canyon Cutoff. For the very fit and expert riders only, make it a day by climbing to the top of Gold Bar Rim which connects to trails that lead to the Poison Spider Mesa or the Portal (allow 8 hours). The riding surface in the Mag 7 system is primarily rock with some dirt. One trailhead is just off of SR 313 and others along the dirt Gemini Bridges Road. Riders may encounter construction or industry vehicles on the road.

Slickrock Trail

People come from all over the world for the challenge of this famous Navajo Sandstone trail. The trail is expert both in technical difficulty and in the fitness required, making it one of the most physically demanding trails in Moab. The riding involves going steeply up solid rock and steeply down for the entire 12.7 miles. However, for those who are up to the challenge, it is an amazing adventure with incredible fun! The views all along the route are outstanding. Be aware of narrow ledges, abrupt drop-offs and cliffs. Motorcycles are allowed on this trail. Tough spots may require walking bikes. Due to the numerous steep ascents, many riders need 4 hours to complete the trail. The 1.7 mile Practice Loop is no less difficult but offers riders an opportunity to test equipment and skills without venturing too far from the trailhead. Although Slickrock might look like Mars, it can feel as hot as Venus. Avoid the afternoon heat, and carry extra water. Access is by paved road, 1/2 mile passed the Sand Flats Entrance Station. This is a fee area.

Dead Horse Point State Park Trail System 

The Intrepid mountain bike system, named for the Intrepid Potash company that provided the funding to build the trails, is very popular. Intermediates enjoy Big Chief & Whiptail while beginners are comfortable on Raven Roll. The 17 miles of trails are primarily on dirt but also incorporate some slickrock. The terrain is fairly flat and involves very moderate climbing. The views are spectacular and the visitor center boasts modern restrooms and a snack shop. Access is by paved roads and the somewhat sandy soils can be ridden even during light rains.

The Whole Enchilada (WE) Trail System 

This is an epic 29 mile mountain bike ride and is some of the most technically difficult riding in Moab. Allow a full day for this trail. The WE is actually six trails, beginning in the La Sal Mountains and ending at the Colorado River (Burro Pass, Hazzard County, Kokopelli, UPS, LPS and Porcupine Rim). There is a seriously steep 800’ climb up to Burro Pass at 11,200’. From there you ride mainly downhill (there are still some substantial climbs), losing 7000’ in elevation. The riding involves cliff edges, climbs up boulders, tons of ledge drops, and then there is some really hard stuff. Most people catch one of the many shuttles available in Moab which will take them to Geyser Pass.

Amasa Back Trail System 

These are some of the most difficult mountain bike trails in Moab. There are no easy trails in this system. Those who are highly skilled will love the myriad challenges and killer views. Climbing Hymasa opens up all the black and double black diamond routes. The very popular Captain Ahab is a thrilling one-way ride for experts. Pothole Arch Trail requires high level intermediate skills and a good deal of fitness. Rock Stacker is extremely technical, and Jackson involves cliffs and exposure – the consequences for mistakes can be deadly. The trailhead is accessed via Kane Creek Boulevard which starts as pavement, then turns to gravel.

Bartlett Wash & Jedi Trail System

This mountain bike area has the smoothest slickrock in Moab. The trails are short (4 miles) and the riding is open. The Bartlett Wash main trail is predominantly intermediate. For those who are seeking challenge, there are plenty of optional steep ups and downs, as well as tons of small ledges. The Super Bowl, Toilet Bowl and Mushroom Rock are especially challenging. This is a free rider’s paradise, but the less skilled should use caution. The Jedi Trail is similar to Bartlett but the main trail is a lot more challenging. Access is via Blue Hills Road which should be avoided when wet.

For details on all Moab mountain biking trails visit discovermoab.com