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Moab Blog

Visita como un local

Los lugareños de Moab lo han resuelto. Conocen las mejores atracciones, las mejores rutas, los mejores lugares para caminar, acampar y comer, y algunas otras cosas importantes sobre la forma correcta de disfrutar del desierto. Si bien el desierto de Utah parece un lugar accidentado, es posible que se sorprenda al saber que su entorno es más sensible de lo que podría esperar.

Lee mas…

Drive Electric

As part of its new sustainability strategy, Moab now features 10 electric-vehicle charging stations located throughout the city, as well as four additional Tesla supercharging stations that can charge Tesla vehicles halfway in about 20 minutes. A recent study by the Utah Department of Transportation estimates an average of 13,000 vehicles at the intersection of Moab’s Main and Center streets—if even a small fraction of those cars were electric, we could save hundreds of thousands of pounds of air pollution every year.

Eat & Shop Local

Another great way to visit Moab like a local is supporting local businesses that have made a commitment to sustainability. Keep an eye out for businesses with a Green to Gold sign—the Green to Gold program is a city-sponsored initiative encouraging establishments to take simple steps to reduce their environmental impact. In the summer of 2018 alone, Green to Gold businesses in Moab saved over 850,000 kWh—the same amount of energy used by 136 cars over the course of an entire year, or the annual CO2 emissions from 68 homes.

With these six tips in mind, you’ll be helping the cause of keeping Moab an amazing destination (and an amazing place to live) for years to come.