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Juniper Trail (Map ID: 8)

Sweeping views of the Sand Flats Recreation Area and more.
2 miles round trip; allow 3 hours round trip.
The trailhead is located in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. It is 6.3 miles passed the entrance station on the north side of the Sand Flats road. A parking area is provided. The trail is also accessible to campers in the Juniper campground. This is a fee area. 
The trail climbs a small mesa and circles the mesa top, offering scenic views of the Grandstaff and Mill Creek Canyons, the Moab and Porcupine Rims, the La Sal Mountain range and the Colorado River channel. The trail is “lollipop” in shape. The “stem” section 1/2 mile in length, begins at the trailhead, travels to the first overlook, backtracks slightly, then climbs westerly to the top of a small mesa where the loop section begins. The loop is about a mile in length and contours with the edge of the mesa over level dirt and slickrock. Sections of the trail follow along steep cliff edges. Use caution! Follow trail markers to avoid getting lost and damaging resources. Several openings on the rim provide panoramic views of the features listed above. After circling the mesa top, the trail rejoins the “stem” route back to the parking area.