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Willow Springs Dinosaur Tracksite
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From downtown Moab, go north on US Highway 191 for 12 miles. If coming from I-70, go south on US Highway 191 for 18.7 miles. The tracksite is 3.4 miles off of US Highway 191, on the Willow Springs Road. A wide loose sand wash will have to be crossed.

Turn right onto the Willow Springs Road, off US Highway 191.
1.4 miles – take the left fork to Willow Springs.
1.7 miles – stay right on the main road and continue towards the Klonzo mountain biking trails area.
2.9 miles – stay right.
3.4 miles – arrive at tracksite

Trailhead GPS Coordinates
38.700925 -109.640959
The Willow Springs site features the tracks of theropods and ornithopods (three-toed dinosaur) and those from sauropods (long-necked dinosaur). The numerous tracks at this site were made about 165 million years ago by dinosaurs walking in the tide-lands of an inland sea that lay to the east of this area. The tracks are preserved in the hard sandstone of the Entrada Formation. These tracks have been exposed for numerous years, and the tracks are beginning to erode. The sauropod tracks may appear as only potholes to the general viewer, with the three-toed tracks being easier to see. The BLM has placed interpretive signs in the area. NOTE: The dirt road is suitable for passenger cars driven carefully. AVOID this road when wet!

Respect the Rocks

While it’s tempting to get up-close and personal with Moab’s dinosaur tracks, rock art, and other historical wonders, doing so can cause irreversible damage to sites that can never be replicated.

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