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Grandstaff Canyon Trail (Map ID: 5)

Perennial clear stream in scenic canyon and Morning Glory Natural Bridge, which is 243 feet long and the sixth-longest natural rock span in the United States.
2 miles to Morning Glory Bridge; allow 4 hours round trip.
On SR 128, three miles east of junction with US Highway 191.
From the parking area next to SR 128, follow the trail that starts on the left side of the stream. Keep going upstream for about 1.5 miles. Morning Glory Natural Bridge is located at the end of the second side canyon on the right. Follow the trail to where it crosses the stream at the mouth of the side canyon. Cross the stream, then follow the trail up a steep slope into the side canyon. Morning Glory Bridge is located at the end of the trail about 1/2 mile up the canyon from the stream. Do not touch the poison ivy that grows below the pool under the bridge! Poison ivy plants have shiny leaves with serrated edges in clusters of three.