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Sandflats Recreation Area Access

Map ID: 5

Go east on East Center Street and turn right onto 400 East. Travel 4/10 mile and turn left onto South Mill Creek Drive. In 1/2 mile there is a 3-way stop. Continue straight as the road becomes Sand Flats Road. There is an entrance booth in 2 miles. Some parking is available at Hell’s Revenge 4×4 Trailhead near the entrance booth. Another gravel staging area is located 1.4 miles from the entrance booth for Fins and Things 4×4 Trail.
This is a fee area. Pay for the day or for a week of access to Fins and Things, Hell’s Revenge, and Porcupine Rim 4×4 Trails. There are first come, first served campgrounds here (for an additional fee). There is riding right out of the Sand Flats campgrounds. The Sand Flats Road ends at the pavement of the La Sal Mountain Loop Road.

Fins and Things (Moderate) 9.4 miles
Hells Revenge (Moderate) 6.5 miles
Porcupine Rim (Moderate) 14.7 miles
Sand Flats Road (Easy) 19.3 miles

Behind the Rocks Access

Map ID: 6

On US Highway 191, 17.9 miles south of Center Street in Moab, turn west into the Behind the Rocks area.
A portion of the Behind the Rocks Road is easy. That easy stretch offers camping on Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA). Gathering firewood is prohibited. Camping is limited to designated sites. Users must bring and use a portable toilet. The stretch beyond the camping area is moderate with some easy sections on the Kane Creek Canyon Rim Road. Picture Frame Arch is accessible via a network of trails. Tip Toe, Hunter Canyon Rim Trail and Pritchett are difficult routes. Strike Ravine is across US Highway 191 from the Behind the Rocks. The trail traverses a rugged canyon area dappled with remnants of mines.

Behind the Rocks Trail (Easy and Moderate) 29.7 miles
Kane Creek Canyon Rim Road (Easy) 3 miles

Tip Toe (Difficult) 33 miles
Pritchett (Very Difficult) 16 miles
Hunter Canyon Rim Trail (Difficult) 4.8 miles
Strike Ravine (Difficult) 11 miles