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Seven Mile Rim Access

Map ID: 3

On North US Highway 191, 13.9 miles from Center Street in Moab. Turn west. This is also Cotter Mine Road.
Seven Mile Rim has Uranium Arch along the route and it passes Determination Towers before dipping into Tusher Wash and circling back via Cotter Mine Road. Also out there are 3-D Trail, Hidden Canyon and Hidden Canyon Overlook. Hidden Canyon has soft sand and is easy, but can be slippery and impassible when wet. Hidden Canyon Overlook is a short climb to outstanding views. Further on are cairns, white dashes on slickrock sandstone and signs for 3-D. 3-D has what looks to be a wall to the uninitiated, but looks worse than it is.

Seven Mile Rim Trail (Difficult) 20.4 miles
3-D Trail (Moderate) 28 miles
Hidden Canyon (Easy) 2 miles
Hidden Canyon Overlook (Moderate) 10.3 miles

Gemini Bridges Access via US Highway 191

Map ID: 4

On North US Highway 191, 9.9 miles from Center Street in Moab, turn west. Fee area.
Gemini Bridges is an easy out-and-back trip from SR 313. From the parking lot on US Highway 191 the climb up into the trail area requires skill. There is terrific scenery of the La Sal Mountains and the Book Cliffs. This area requires excellent skills.

Bull Canyon is a wash bottom that eventually gets quite rocky, leading up to parking and a short walk to arrive beneath the Gemini Bridges. Metal Masher requires winching for Widow Maker Wall. The trail is very difficult overall. Four Arch Canyon and The Boulevard are off-shoots to further explore this trail area. Goldbar and Golden Spike are trails heading southward into the Poison Spider Mesa.

Gemini Bridges (Moderate) 12.9 miles
Metal Masher (Very Difficult) 22 miles
The Boulevard (Easy) 3 miles
Four Arch Canyon Road (Moderate) 3.25 miles
Bull Canyon (Easy) 8.7 miles
Little Canyon Rim (Difficult) 6.5 miles
Goldbar Rim (Difficult) 15.9 miles
Golden Spike (Very Difficult) 21