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Amphitheater Loop (Map ID: 1)

Broad sweeping views and solitude
2.8 miles round trip; allow 2.5 hours round trip.
Access is across SR 128 from Hittle Bottom Boat launch. Park at Hittle Bottom. Hittle Bottom is approximately 22 miles from the intersection of US Highway 191 and SR 128.
Walk wash bottoms, around boulders and over benches meandering in the Moenkopi and Cutler sandstones. Follow cairns and signs to stay on the trail. The trail ascends 250 feet for that sweeping view of the Colorado River corridor.

Local TIP

As beautiful as the wilderness environs of Moab are, they can be very unforgiving. The desert’s mix of hot temperatures, rugged terrain and extraordinary remoteness, coupled with a dangerous mix of underestimating supplies and overestimating abilities, has created some unfortunate circumstances for a number of visitors. And sometimes, even after taking diligent precautions, the desert just has its way with the most prepared of adventurers. 

Grand County Search & Rescue (GCSAR)