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Kane Springs Access

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This parking area is at the end of Kane Creek Boulevard, 4.3 miles from the junction of US Highway 191. Continue after the end of the pavement, and the parking area will be bordered by low posts and yellow cable.
Beyond this trailhead are Kane Springs Road, Hurrah Pass, Chicken Corners, Lockhart Basin Cliffhanger, and the Kane Creek Trail. Pritchett Canyon is near the end of the pavement of Kane Creek Boulevard. Kane Springs Road is a relaxing trip with awesome views. As the climb to Hurrah Pass ensues, the trail is moderate up to the top of the pass. Chicken Corners is beyond Hurrah Pass on a loose sand road paralleling the Colorado River downstream and finishes at a bench 400 feet above the river. The actual Chicken Corners is now a hiking trail. Many years ago, when it was a pack trail, only the least “chicken” passed this spot. Lockhart Basin extends from the Chicken Corners area and is in very poor condition due to erosion.

More difficult trails are Cliffhanger and Kane Creek. Cliffhanger is the only vehicle route on the Amasa Back. If Kane Creek is running, quicksand and high water makes Cliffhanger dangerous as you must cross the creek to access the route. A gate crosses the trail so please leave it as you found it, open or closed. Amasa Back is about 12 miles roundtrip, but may take all day. This challenging trail has epic stair step ledges. On top, from a cliff edge, peer into the Jackson Hole area.

Kane Creek is a 38 mile trip following Kane Creek along the canyon bottom with around 50 creek crossings. The trail tends to have brush, meaning that vehicle paint damage is likely. Eroded narrow shelves in sections that climb out of the bottom create difficulty. The route ends at US Highway 191 near Hole in the Rock, 22 miles south of Moab. A shuttle will be necessary for OHV; otherwise plan an out-and-back itinerary.

Pritchett Canyon requires a fee to cross private property. It starts in a narrower canyon and spills into the Behind the Rocks area. This is an extremely difficult trail. No bypasses are possible. Alternatively, you can enjoy this region via an access 28 miles south of Moab in the Behind the Rocks area.

Kane Springs Road (Easy) 5.6 miles
Kane Creek Trail (Difficult) 38 miles
Chicken Corners (Moderate) 21 miles
Hurrah Pass (Moderate) 14.4 miles 
Lockhart Basin (Difficult) 44.2 miles
Cliffhanger Trail (Difficult) 20 miles
Pritchett Canyon (Extremely Difficult) 18.5 miles

Mill Canyon Access

Map ID: 2

Go 15 miles north on US Highway 191 and turn left onto a dirt road marked “Mill Canyon.” A large parking area with an earthen loading ramp will be on the right in 6/10 mile.
From the parking lot head out toward Blue Hills Road to connect with a myriad of trails. It is easy to get to Tusher Tunnel, an interesting slot passage that is fun to experience. Bartlett Wash is another easy route in the vicinity with a few wet crossings. Caution: Flash flooding is possible.

Dubinky Well Road intersects with SR 313, but off of it is the Rainbow Terrace with a mix of curves, sandy wash bottoms and moderate rock challenges. Hidden Canyon is picturesque although past misuse of this area have led to a great deal of fencing.

Spring Canyon Point is off the Dubinky Well Road. Spring Canyon Point Road is wide most of the way and is easy out to the point. A branch off of Spring Canyon is Secret Spire, a noticeable pinnacle seen from many spots in the area. Returning from the end of Spring Canyon Point, at 1.8 miles, catch a spur that is a frolicsome 1.7 miles to Cliff Hanger Arch and views into Hey Joe Mine. The Cotter Mine Road parallels US Highway 191 and connects Mill Canyon Road to the trailhead for Seven Mile Rim trail area.

Further south along Dubinky Well Road, Spring Canyon Bottom Road reaches the steep canyon, where switchbacks drop down to the Green River. From there, a narrow and brushy 4-wheel drive trail leads to Hey Joe Canyon alongside the river, so please minimize your engine sound. South of Dubinky Well Road, Mineral Point Road can be looped with Hell Roaring Rim Trail for views into yet another tributary of the Green River.

Tusher Tunnel (Easy) 13.8 miles

Bartlett Wash (Moderate) 13.3 miles
Rainbow Terrace (Moderate) 18.8 miles
Secret Spire (Moderate) 9.6 miles
Blue Hills Road (Easy) 13.8 miles
Dubinky Well Road (Easy) 12.4 miles
Spring Canyon Point (Easy) 13.6 miles
Spring Canyon Bottom Road (Easy) 12.1 miles
Hell Roaring Rim Trail (Easy) 37 miles
Cotter Mine Road (Easy) 3 miles